The third national lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and started on Tuesday 5th January. Whilst many businesses have been forced to close Estate Agents can remain open and people are still permitted to move home, unlike the first lockdown where home viewings were not permitted. It is not just people mid-move that are able to do so, new viewings can take place and the property market remains open for business.

Estate and lettings agents, removals, valuers and other key property professionals are permitted to continue to supply their services so long as government guidelines are followed.

If you are considering selling your home you will want to do everything you would normally outside of a pandemic; like cleaning and decluttering. But you may be wondering where to put everything if you have children out of school with all their school work and you may also be using your home as an office. All off-putting to potential buyers who still want to see a smart, clean and tidy potential new home. The great news is that you can still safely use self storage facilities through this lockdown. Boxing up rarely used items and placing them in storage is a perfect way to create an illusion of more space when we’re spending more time than ever before at home.

Lots of people during these lockdowns assessed their needs and realised they wanted more internal space and a garden spurring a rise in demand for 3 bedroom homes in an urban location. With so much investment having been made in remote working even after this pandemic is over many more people will want to continue to work from home for some if not all of the time. The desire for up-sizing and for locations close to but not in the city is unlikely to change anytime soon. So if you want to beat your competition and achieve the best possible price it’s imperative to show your home to its best potential.

If you have never used a self storage unit before you might not know where to start, this is where our knowledgeable team will help. They will discuss your requirements and advise on the best size unit, ensuring you have enough space and that you are not paying for more than you need. If you want to reduce contact we can do everything over the phone, you do not need to visit us until you’re ready to use your self storage unit.

Contact Easy Access Self Storage today for help and advice, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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