Whilst the UK remains in lockdown the housing market is still very much open and you are allowed to move home providing you follow government Covid guidelines.

Perhaps you are thinking how you can reduce your contact with other people during your home move and considering doing much of the move yourself, for example hiring a van and moving yourself. However, using a removals firm can make your move quicker and smoother and can certainly be Covid safe.

Did you know that moving home is considered one of the most stressful things we can do and that’s without a pandemic to think about. Here are some of the top benefits of using a professional removals company:

  1. Time Saving

Many people are juggling unusual routines like working from home, home schooling children, often both of these things at the same time. Be realistic about what you can manage, can you really find time to move without any help right now?

Moving home always takes much longer than you anticipate and is certainly more stressful. A removals company takes away much of this stress and saves you precious time in the long run.

You can use this valuable time saved for other important tasks or just having a breather!

  1. Looking After Your Valuables

Professional removers are experts in the field. They have the right equipment and experience to quickly and safely move your valuable belongings. Smaller items that you can pack and protect are not too difficult to move but think about large items of furniture; beds, drawers, a piano, these items are very tricky to move without lots of man power and the right kit without causing damage.

  1. Lots of Choice

There are many removal companies throughout the UK and you can quickly and easily find the right one for you based on service and price. A quick google search and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

  1. Covid Safe

A good removals firm will reassure you of their Covid policies and working practices. Look for firms that ask you to:

  • Keep doors and windows open.
  • Sanitise hands before entering and after leaving properties.
  • Observe social distancing. Removals colleagues may not always be distanced from each other in order to carry out the work but they should remain distancing from you and your family.
  • They may provide you with some guidelines of expectations prior to entrance of your property.

If you need help or assistance storing any of your belongings before, during or after your home move our friendly team are here to help with flexible storage units starting from the size of a small shed. Contact us today.