Covid has changed working environments with many people now working remotely, working from home. Even following the lifting of some lockdown restrictions not everyone has returned to the office, indeed it seems that the working environment has changed dramatically with no immediate view of returning to normal.

There are many benefits to working from home as well as some negatives. Obvious benefits include no commute times, no expenses on travel, no sitting in rush hour traffic and less distraction from a noisy workplace.

Some of the negatives include lack of concentration if you’re not in a work environment, easily distracted by the TV, household chores or other members of your family at home and possibly one of the biggest: lack of space.

Inevitably we grown into our homes and fill them with all our belongings. If we’re not used to working from home it can be extremely difficult to find some space to work in. Somewhere comfortable and quiet and suitable for sitting for a few hours. Sitting with a laptop on the sofa can seriously affect productivity as well as our joints and backs. Setting up on the dining table can be a nuisance if you have to keep packing up around feeding the family.

Allocating a set workspace can be the ideal way to work productively from home in both comfort and by minimising distractions. Many of our self storage units are being used by employees working from home that have cleared some belongings into storage. This is an ideal situation as we don’t tie you in to long contract periods, we have very flexible storage sizes which are very competitive on price. Our sites are located within easy access of the M60 at Trafford Park and Stockport so we have much of Greater Manchester storage covered.

If you want information and advice on how we can help you work easier from home, contact us today for a no obligation chat and quote. Our experts at Easy Access Self Storage are here to help.

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