One of the most common questions we face from our customers is ‘what size do I need?’ If you have not used self-storage facilities before or not for some time you might be unsure; too big and you’re paying for something you don’t need, too small and your belongings won’t fit. Our experts are always on hand to advise and guide you on the best size storage unit for your requirements.

For ease we’ve produced some guidelines to give you a great idea on what fits in each of our most popular unit sizes.

  1. 25 sqft or 5ft x 5ft

This is around the size of an average garden shed. Perfect if you’re looking to free up some vital space in your home. Many of our customers take this unit to store seasonal items like Halloween and Christmas decorations, and items that are used infrequently but they don’t want to get rid of.

  1. 75 sqft or 10ft x 7.5ft

This unit is about the size of a Luton van and you can store belongings that would fit a 2 bed apartment or house. This size is popular for house movers who are up-sizing and need temporary space.

  1. 150sqft or 15ft x 10ft

This is a similar size to a double garage and can accommodate items that fit a 3 bedroom home.

  1. 250sqft or 20ft x 12.5ft

If you have a larger home with 4 or 5 bedrooms and significant contents you may need to use a 200 or 250sqft self storage unit. This will give plenty of space for any items in the home, garage or shed.

  1. 300+ sqft

Our units over 300sqft are predominantly used for business storage. This can be anything from document storage, to warehouse stock, even tools.

25 5×5 Small Shed Car
40 8×5 Large Shed Small Transit
50 10×5 1 Bed Apartment Small Transit
75 10×7.5 2 Bed Apart/Home Luton Van
100 10×10 2-3 Bed Home Luton Van
150 15×10 3 Bed Home Luton Van
200 20×10 4 Bed Home Luton Van
250 20×12.5 4-5 Bed Home Articulated Lorry
300 20×15 Business Articulated Lorry
400 20×20 Business Articulated Lorry
400+   Business Articulated Lorry

If you have any questions about storage sizes please don’t hesitate to contact our team who will advise you on your best requirements and prices. If you book self storage with us at our Manchester or Stockport sites and pay for 4 weeks we will give you a further 4 weeks free of charge. Contact Easy Access Self Storage today for more information.

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