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Self Storage in Stockport, Greater Manchester

With a wide variety of self storage options available and an easily accessible location, our Stockport storage facility is a great option for any budget.

Do you need self storage facilities in the Stockport region? Whether it’s short-term storage to support you through a house move, student storage for the summer, or long-term business storage, Easy Access Self Storage has a winning solution just for you.

However, this isn’t the only reason why we’re one of Greater Manchester’s best-loved storage facilities. Here are just five additional reasons to choose our world-class services.

Convenient Location

We believe that every aspect of the self storage process should provide you with a smooth and stress-free experience. A convenient location is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for success, and our Stockport facility is perfectly situated for anyone in the Greater Manchester region.

The store is located just off junction 25 of the M60 motorway, meaning that you won’t need to fight your way into a busy city centre just to store/access your goods. With so many other issues to consider during a home relocation or transitional phase of running your business, knowing that your self storage assignments can be completed fast and efficiently is very comforting indeed.

Excellent Security

Whether putting your assets in storage for one night or one year, you deserve to gain peace of mind. In truth, the only way to achieve this is by establishing the strongest levels of security. When choosing Easy Access Self Storage, you can be sure that all items will be safe and secure.

The facility itself offers 24/7 access and round-the-clock security. All units are serviced to a high standard and are clean, dry and well-ventilated to prevent any damage to your property. Ours are the safest storage facilities on the market, utilising unique pin codes as well as alarms and floodlights, enabling you to relax at all times regardless of the duration or volume of storage that’s required.

Versatile Storage Options

When seeking a self storage solution in Stockport or Greater Manchester, you don’t merely need to find a high-quality facility. You need a self storage facility that’s right for you. Whether you’re an individual customer or a business client, we provide a range of tailored services so that you get the best deal.

We boast small lockups for your prized valuables like jewellery, clothes, and keepsakes. Conversely, you can take advantage of bigger storage facilities for holding furniture and other large items. Whether storing all items from your house ahead of a move or storing business items doesn’t matter. Our plethora of spaces also includes flexible drive-up units. Finding the right space for your needs is easy.

Comprehensive Service

In addition to helping you find the right space for your storage needs, our friendly team of experts are here to provide a comprehensive service to ensure every element is under control. We have a range of on-site equipment, including forklifts, as well as the experienced and qualified staff to use those items.

Our team can take care of the packing and unpacking tasks while we can also arrange for collection from one property and delivery to the next when you need the items back. Meanwhile, all services are supported by itemised inventories to ensure that no product ever goes missing. From start to finish, our professionalism and attention to detail are sure to serve you well.

A Name You Can Trust

Last but not least, you need the support of a self storage company that boasts the reputation needed to provide you with the best levels of confidence. We’re a family run business and are proud of the excellent level of service and bespoke nature of our self storage offering.

We have helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses throughout Stockport and the Greater Manchester region with a range of self storage needs. Our experts are fully qualified while all equipment and storage facilities are regularly tested to ensure that you receive the very best service time and time again. Frankly, we wouldn’t expect you to settle for anything less.

A Comprehensive Range Of Self Storage Options Under One Roof

While professionalism, quality, and a friendly service are all highly desirable features, nothing is as important as finding a self storage space that actively satisfies your requirements in a practical and affordable fashion.

Matching a storage space to your requirements (regarding the type of products as well as the volume of them), is essential. Our full range of self storage facilities includes but is not limited to:

Personal Storage

Personal self storage can be used by families and individuals for both short-term and long-term incentives. Perhaps your moving home and have a gap between exchanging contracts on selling the old home and buying the new one. Or maybe you just need to store some products while going through the home for decluttering purposes.

Whatever the reasons might be, we boast a range of quality storage spaces for furniture, electronics, and any other homely items you may want to lock away until a later date.

Storage For Students

As a student, moving out of halls to go back home for the summer can be a stressful time, especially if your next place of student accommodation isn’t ready for several weeks. Our storage for students facilities offer a safe and convenient solution. The compact spaces are perfect for storing your bedding, clothes, equipment, and student materials at an affordable rate.

Moreover, we can support you through the collection, packing, and future delivery processes. This ensures that you have the perfect solution throughout the summer.

Business Storage

Easy Access Self Storage also offers a range of business solutions. Whether it’s storing office equipment during a relocation or refit, storing excess stock, or any other activity doesn’t matter. Our safe, secure, and highly practical storage solutions are ideal for all your business storage needs. Furthermore, after paying for four weeks of storage, we offer another four weeks of storage for free.

We make business storage fast, convenient, and hassle-free. For small businesses and national organisations alike, our services are ideal.

Vehicle, Caravan & Boat Storage

Finding storage for vehicles and caravans can be hard work, especially when they aren’t taxed or you have a classic car that needs to be protected while you’re away. Our range of vehicle storage facilities keep your assets safe from intruders and the weather. We additionally have specialised facilities for holding boasts, as well as the equipment needed to safely transport them.

Whatever type of vehicle you have, there’s no doubt that we’ll have a suitable storage facility for short and long-term support.

Storage As Office Solutions

If you run a small business, it is also possible to rent out our storage units to use as office spaces. The units come with lighting, power outlets, and all other facilities needed to operate as a small office at a fraction of the cost. This can be combined with the more traditional storage units to provide the full service that you require for those ongoing business needs.
When combined with the short contracts and excellent location, this can be a very good option for small businesses and sole traders alike.

All of those storage options come with the same levels of security and protection while we also have spaces in various sizes. Whatever type of storage is required, we will have the perfect solution.

Easy Access – Whenever It Suits You

Aside from the high quality associated with our units, Easy Access Self Storage offers 24/7 access to all units. We’ll always have staff on-site to help you with entry to your unit along with any other support that may be needed during your visit. This is particularly ideal for those moments when you only need one or two items from the unit, particularly as we’ll help you keep the space organised for easy access.

Just give us a call prior to arrival and we can make the procedures smoother than you ever thought possible.

Find Your Perfect Self Storage Stockport Facilities Today

Whether you know what’s required or need some advice on the various self storage options at our Stockport facility, including pick up and delivery, the Easy Access Self Storage team is here to help.

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    Stockport Storage Facilities Include:

    • Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Flexible drive-up units available
    • Fork lift truck on site
    • Delivery van available to help move your posessions
    • Short or long term storage
    • Juncton 25, M60 motorway
    • Vehicle, Caravan and Boat Storage available
    • Fully alarmed & floodlit
    • Digital CCTV and motion detectors
    • Unique Pin Code to gain access through our electric coded gates and intruder alarms
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