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April 2021

Stress Free Home Moving

By Moving Home

The property market in 2021 remains buoyant with the Chancellor’s extension of the Stamp Duty holiday. Extra pressure is on everyone involved in buying and selling your home right now. Conveyancer’s timeframes for completing are much longer than before due to delays with searches and mortgage lenders. Previously it might have taken 12-14 weeks to complete from the point of having an offer accepted, now it’s easily 20+ weeks. Even in March most conveyancers were telling their clients that there was no guarantee to complete prior to the extended Stamp Duty holiday. So how does this affect you if you are moving home and what can you do to help yourself?

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Easter And Seasonal Self Storage

By SelfStorage

Easter is a perfect time to think about utilising a self storage unit. With a much welcome double bank holiday it’s the time many of our customers have a spring clean, re-decorate and declutter. Decluttering doesn’t always mean you want to get rid of everything so storage could be your perfect choice to creating a calm space ready for the summer months.

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