The property market in 2021 remains buoyant with the Chancellor’s extension of the Stamp Duty holiday. Extra pressure is on everyone involved in buying and selling your home right now. Conveyancer’s timeframes for completing are much longer than before due to delays with searches and mortgage lenders. Previously it might have taken 12-14 weeks to complete from the point of having an offer accepted, now it’s easily 20+ weeks. Even in March most conveyancers were telling their clients that there was no guarantee to complete prior to the extended Stamp Duty holiday. So how does this affect you if you are moving home and what can you do to help yourself?

Getting organised is certainly one thing you can control. If you are organised early it can help in every way from securing a buyer sooner to moving out quicker.

Secure Your Buyer

A key piece of advice when putting your home on the market has always been declutter. Let’s face it most of us have never spent so much time at home as we have over the past year. If we’re honest we’ve probably accumulated more mess, work stuff at home, kids school work, toys and everything has been crammed into the same space. Homes have never had so much and been so multi-functional. Demonstrating the flexibility of your home space is a fantastic sales tool but it’s still important to make sure your home looks clean, tidy and clutter free. If you’re struggling to achieve this a storage unit could be your ideal solution.

Move Quick

The last thing you want to do is stall or lose a sale because you can’t move quickly enough. If you have already packed and stored non-essential items or cleared out the shed or garage half of the hard work is already done. You’ll thank yourself on moving day when you have so much less to move all in one go.


Moving home and getting organised can be very overwhelming. If you have lived in your home for a long time you have probably collected much more than you realise and packing it all up can be quite a task. This is a perfect opportunity to break the job down into smaller more manageable chucks, you can even take your time. You might want to clear some belongings and donate them to a local charity.

If you’re worried about placing your precious belongings into storage then security should be top of your list of priorities when choosing your unit. All of our units are fully alarmed, floodlit with secure perimeter fencing. All customers have a unique for access through electric gates. We have also installed digital CCTV and motion detectors. Easy Access Self Storge provides safe, secure and flexible units, with 24/7 access and no lengthy contracts.