Packing your belongings to put into a self storage unit can be daunting, especially if you’ve never used storage before and are not sure how best to utilise your space.

First things first. You need to select the right size storage for your needs. We have a simple and helpful guide that can give you a great idea on the size unit you might need. Our experts are always on hand to help and advise so you can be sure you won’t be squeezed for size or paying for more than you need. Contact our team, we’re happy to help. The you can get ready to pack!

If you’re not sure where to start with your packing don’t worry our expert tips will keep the task stress-free.


A mixture of box sizes will be needed. For lightweight items place them in the bigger boxes and heavier items should be packed in smaller boxes. This makes sure you don’t pack boxes so they are too heavy to carry. It also ensures the box won’t fail because the items are too heavy for it.

Boxes designed for TVs are available and are vital to ensure the TV remains undamaged and unscratched.

If you are going to be storing any items of clothing wardrobe boxes with a rail means you won’t have to iron everything once taken out of storage.


Using packing tape helps the box to retain its solid nature and creates strength on the weakest parts of the box. Ordinary Sellotape just won’t cut it.

TOP TIP: Tape both top and bottom of the box to keep it solid and well-sealed.



There are many ways to protect your belongings in the box and you’ll probably want to use a combination of all of them.

  • Bubble wrap: great for fragile and delicate items, not so great for the environment so use sparingly.
  • Newspaper: more eco-friendly, cheap and easy to get hold of. But beware of items that could be damaged if newsprint transfers.
  • Paper: not as safe as bubble wrap but could be used for most items.


If you are storing large items of furniture you need to first decide if it can and should be taken apart. Do this in advance.

TOP TIP: Put any fittings and screws into a plastic sandwich bag and tape to the item it belongs to.

 If your home is carpeted remember your storage unit will have a hard floor so you might want to lay thick cardboard down first.

Store your mattress covered in fitted sheets over both the top and bottom. This means no dust or dirt will mark your mattress as its moved and it’s much easier to remove any marks on the sheets than the mattress.

Look out for our future blog on how to organise your items in your storage unit.