Self Storage in Autumn

Autumn is a popular time for moving home and this Autumn more so than ever. The UK property market is booming with the Stamp Duty changes made to encourage house movers in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

Autumn is a great time to move gardens are in bloom, grass is in great condition and homes are usually neat and tidy once the kids are back at school. September can be a good month for lovely sunny days but with less heat of mid-Summer so your home will still have a light and bright but cooler feel. If you’re taking advantage of both mother nature and Rishi Sunak’s Stamp Duty changes Easy Access Self Storage can help whether you need to store in between homes or to declutter ready to sell.

Self Storage in Winter

How do you store your Summer garden items? BBQs, chairs, tables, trampolines all take up lots of space. Maybe you’re lucky to have spare space in a garage or shed, if not these valuable items can be damaged in a cold and wet winter. Instead of the expense of replacing them more frequently, you can store them in dry and secure self storage units until you’re ready for them again in the Spring. Storage facilities are much more cost effective than you might imagine and can help you save money in the long run.

You won’t need your lawnmower and gardening items in the Winter months so they are ideal items for placing in self storage.

After spending more time indoors through the Winter months it’s not uncommon to think about home improvements or an extension. Packing and storing items can make home improvements more manageable if you’re not constantly having to move things from room to room. It’s likely this becomes more difficult if you’re still working from home and managing space for work and family life too.


If you have a storage unit don’t forget you have access 24/7 at Easy Access Self Storage so you can use it for storing Christmas presents that you need to hide from little eyes. It’s perfect for items like bikes and scooters that are difficult to hide or put in the loft.

Our team are on hand to give handy help and advise at any time, contact us today and find out how our flexible self storage can be useful to you.

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