If you have Netflix or are familiar with the growing trends in social culture, you will probably be aware of the increasing popularity of minimalism and decluttering.

There are shows and books dedicated to improving your life by removing those items that don’t ‘spark joy’ in your life…every social media platform teaches us that we should be living more by owning less and people seem to find this a beneficial outlook. People have reached a more positive and wholesome lifestyle by decluttering and living the life of a minimalist. Before we examine exactly what is so interesting about this kind of lifestyle, let’s start at the beginning. What is minimalism?

Minimalism is a style in which a small number of simple things are used to create a specific effect. It could be the positive effect of this lifestyle that people are clinging on to. However, dialing down on your number of belongings could really be a struggle, especially if you own a lot and have been living in a certain routine. It’s a big step to change one’s lifestyle overnight, but you never know, moving out of your comfort zone could be the push you need to feel great about life again. If you have reached a phase in your life when everything around you seems chaotic and conflicting, it could be the time to start thinking about moving on to achieving the kind of life that is calm and peaceful.

Most guides on minimalism naturally suggest decluttering. Decluttering can occur in any aspect of your life that you find overwhelming in a negative way. If you are new to this idea it might be a good idea to start with the most tangible, physical items that surround you, in your home. Once you experience less conflict in the physical things around you, it will resonate in every aspect of your life. Decluttering your home is a great start in achieving your minimalism goals.

Tip – It could probably be said of all homes but there are probably a lot of things in your home that you have several of, things you will probably never use because you have several. Some of these things have sentimental value that we cannot let go of and there are others that we just simply can’t dispose of “just in case we need them”. These are the common struggles that every minimalist wannabe encounters as soon as they start making their way. One of the easiest and popular methods for decluttering your belongings, and possibly the most achievable, is the ‘Four Box Method’. As the name suggests, you obtain four boxes and give them the following labels: Put Away, Throw Away, Give Away, and Undecided. This will help you organise your excess valuables.

As a beginner, maybe put some of your things with sentimental value in the Undecided Box, but this will be done with the expectation is they should be displayed in your home. This is where the idea of storage units comes in. You might have a lot of possessions that you cannot let go of because of a certain attachment. That’s fine, you can simply rent a storage unit in the meantime so that you can have a place to store these valuable items, safe and secure. Perhaps you will think about the ‘storage facilities near me’ or take a look at the storage units easyaccessstorage.co.uk has to offer. We offer a monthly basis contract so you can manage the length of time that your items are stored. Take a look at the personal storage space we have to offer

Find Storage facilities Near MeTrafford / Stockport & Greater Manchester

Easy Access storage units are secure, clean, dry and well ventilated. Your most valuable and treasured possessions will be kept safe and in the best condition possible. Our personal storage solutions are also available for short or long term use and our sites also offer a range of facilities to help you transfer your items with ease.

They include:

  • Free on site forklift trucks so you can easily move your possessions
  • Delivery vans are available to help move your items
  • Units are secure, fully alarmed & floodlit
  • Digital CCTV and motion detectors are in operation 24/7

You can visit our store, call us on 0161 431 5222 or fill in our ‘Get A Quote’ form so one of our team can advise how much personal self-storage space you require.

If you are in need of storage boxes, visit our Box Shop for all your packing solutions.

Once you have selected your unit, our team will show you your allocated storage space so you can prepare for moving your items.

  • Use our free forklifts and trolleys to transfer everything to your storage unit
  • Lock your storage unit and take note of your unique pin code
  • Visit your personal storage solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Security is our number one priority. We have invested in several onsite precautions.

  • Our self storage sites have prominent and well lit locations
  • Each storage unit is fully alarmed and floodlit
  • We have installed secure perimeter fencing across the site
  • Each unit is secured by a unique pin code, required to gain access through our electric coded gates and intruder alarms
  • Digital CCTV and motion detectors are in operation 24/7

Now that you have already taken the first step in achieving a minimal lifestyle, you can go ahead and slowly take on the next step. One step at a time can really do big in taking the path where you want to be. Learning how to declutter your home (and therefore decluttering your life) doesn’t need to be as painful as you might think. The benefits are numerous.

One of the greatest benefits of decluttering and becoming a minimalist is creating peace around you. Start your journey where you spend most of your day. Self-storage units can definitely be a great help for beginners in removing that excess tangible baggage so you can focus more on living a simpler life.

We operate from Stockport and Trafford. Both are easy to get to. Whether your home or your business is in the centre of Manchester, Cheshire or the surrounding areas, you’ll find our self storage units ideally placed for accessible storage solutions.

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