Whether you’re talking big business or a one person set up, more and more organisations are opening up to the benefits of using business storage.

Whilst many people initially think of homeowners, movers or those moving abroad when talking about self storage (and there are lots of people who use us when they’re moving or renovating) we also have a huge number of businesses who hire storage units in Manchester and Stockport, from professional services and public sector organisations to tradespeople and online retailers.

Before you start measuring up and start looking at prices talk to us and we’ll help you select the right size for you and your business. Business storage is a big step in terms of finance and logistics and we ensure you get it right from the outset. It is a versatile solution to many different problems though and talking it over with one of our professionals is the clearest way of being sure of what we can and can’t do for you.

Different sizes, styles and sites for business storage are available. There are, however, a number of specific aspects of our service that you should take into consideration when choosing the storage lockup solution that best suits you.

What Can I Keep In Business Storage?

You might be surprised at the many varied and diverse industries that use business storage and what they keep in there. Retailers can store lots of extra stock making it easier to keep an inventory and without it filling their business premises that might be their home. Hospitality businesses might store extra dining furniture and glassware to retrieve for larger functions or to replace breakages.

Tradespeople store tools and more rarely used larger equipment. Office based companies utilise the space to secure documents and filing in a more effective way, separate from the more day to day business. Removal firms also utilise the space as temporary a storage lockup for jobs that can’t be completed in a single day.

Business storage could be a temporary solution brought in whilst you relocate premises. It could also be a seasonal one to house extra merchandise. Whatever the reason you are looking into a storage lockup, your goods could not be in safer hands with easy access.

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So, what are the ways in which self-storage can be put to good use if you’re a business?

eBay/Online Sellers

Independent eBay sellers account for one of the largest number of our small business users. While many people sell their belongings on eBay, some do it on a much larger scale.  From clothing outlets and furniture sales to construction firms, sellers of all kinds need somewhere to store their stock. Tools, materials and other valuable equipment and materials need somewhere to be kept.

If you are running an online business, storing your products or tools in a unit is often a good idea. In some cases, a self-storage unit is preferred because it is far more practical than your home  and offers features such as climate control and air-tight space. You also won’t have to worry about cluttering up your home again.

Vintage clothing, which is big business at the moment, and furniture can also benefit from being stored in a unit. Humidity and sudden temperature changes can accidental damage to wood and fabrics are a risk otherwise, but a climate controlled self-storage service can prevent this from happening. Security is also a concern when it comes to high value merchandise. Self-storage units are permanently under surveillance, and your belongings will be extremely safe.

Seasonal Businesses

Some products or services are specifically linked to times of the year or special days. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day all have a multitude of paraphernalia that go with them. These are all busy times of the commercial year and it makes sense to rotate stock on a seasonal basis.

Importers and Exporters

Many of our customers import and store wine, food items and other items that are shipped in from abroad.  We have many units of all sizes which are perfect for accumulating goods over time.


Self storage units are great for archiving records/data and the high level security in each of our stores means confidential documents are safe with us.


Some of our storage facilities have external units, perfect for storing cars or automotive parts.


A number of our facilities are used by artists who need space to create and store their work.


While many companies are now thinking about using cloud storage and going digital when it comes to paperwork, there are also documents that need to be kept in their original form for decades. Archiving confidential paperwork without compromising on security can be a problem in the digital age. But at Easy Access Self Storage we have storage space for paperwork, files, documents, exhibition display equipment and more. We find our archives are very popular with doctors, solicitors, accountants and the police. Any business organisation with vital paperwork would benefit from Easy Access archive space.

Tax returns, invoices, and receipts are usually required to be kept by companies for at least 6 years, which makes cloud storage untenable for most businesses. When it comes to almost a decade of paperwork, the amount of space needed to store these documents is usually quite substantial.

And when it comes down to it, renting bigger offices can work out far more expensive that hiring business storage. Business owners can end up spending a few extra thousands every year for each office just to store their paperwork in the same building. Storing paperwork in a climate-controlled unit is one of the ways businesses are cutting costs.

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With a wealth of experience and a customer-centric focus, Easy Access Self Storage offers everything you could need in a storage lockup: convenience and simplicity. We offer secure and accessible business storage solutions to customers across the UK, all at affordable prices.

We operate from Stockport and Trafford. Both are easy to get to. Whether your home or your business is in the centre of Manchester, Cheshire or the surrounding areas, you’ll find our self storage units ideally placed for accessible storage solutions.

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