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March 2020

Self-Storage: A Beginner’s Guide To Becoming A Minimalist

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If you have Netflix or are familiar with the growing trends in social culture, you will probably be aware of the increasing popularity of minimalism and decluttering.

There are shows and books dedicated to improving your life by removing those items that don’t ‘spark joy’ in your life…every social media platform teaches us that we should be living more by owning less and people seem to find this a beneficial outlook. People have reached a more positive and wholesome lifestyle by decluttering and living the life of a minimalist. Before we examine exactly what is so interesting about this kind of lifestyle, let’s start at the beginning. What is minimalism?

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What Can I Keep In Business Storage?

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Whether you’re talking big business or a one person set up, more and more organisations are opening up to the benefits of using business storage.

Whilst many people initially think of homeowners, movers or those moving abroad when talking about self storage (and there are lots of people who use us when they’re moving or renovating) we also have a huge number of businesses who hire storage units in Manchester and Stockport, from professional services and public sector organisations to tradespeople and online retailers.

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The Most Common Self Storage FAQs in 2020

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  1. What Size Storage Do I Need?

Perhaps the most common question we are asked. It’s not every day you need to use a self-storage unit so understandably you may be confused as to what size you need. Too small and you won’t fit everything in, too big and you’re paying for something you don’t need. At Easy Access Self Storage we’re experts in all things storage and can offer advice and help to ensure you select the right size unit for your requirements.

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