If you’re looking for storage, then you don’t need to look any further than Easy Access Self Storage. Whether you’re close to Manchester or Stockport, we have the right space and the right team to meet the needs of personal and business customers with a wide range of different needs.

A range of safe, secure, accessible, and versatile self-storage rooms and spaces are partnered with a team that prioritises professional quality and friendly service above all else. If you’re looking for storage near you, then read on.

Storage units near me

For many of our customers, accessibility is key. You don’t want to have to slog through the traffic of a city centre to get to what’s yours. Nor do you want to have to wait over the weekend or until the next morning before you can retrieve it.

You can find Easy Access Self Storage off junction 25 of the M60 Motorway if you’re close to Stockport, while Manchester clients can find us opposite the Trafford Centre, two locations picked for their accessibility above all else. Our storage facilities are open 24/7. Providing you have the right security details, you can reach your items whenever you want, however you want. For any transport needs, get in touch ahead of time and we will let you know what we can do for you.

Storage security

Accessibility is one thing, but it only matters if you can be certain your items will be where you left them, in precisely the state you left them in. There’s no need to worry, Easy Access Self Storage provides a wide range of security features for your peace of mind and, above all else, the safety of your goods.

Our rooms are fully alarmed, floodlit, equipped with CCTV cameras and motion detectors that ensure we’re always alerted to any presence on our premises. Furthermore, when you make use of our services, you’re provided with your own pin code. This is used to get past our electric coded gates. Trying to get in any other way will set off the intruder alarms. All pins are reset whenever you stop using our services, so whoever had your storage room last won’t be able to get access to your items.

Storage rooms to meet a wide range of needs

If all you need is a simple, secure and safe space, we can help with that. If you’re not certain how much space you need, it’s easy to get in touch with us and tell us more about what you have to store so we can work it out with you.

For customers that need specific kinds of spaces or services, we’re here to help those as well. Besides personal storage, we commonly offer storage for students, vehicle/caravan storage, and boat storage. We have a range of business storage services we outline a little further down this post. Either way, we’re well aware that new customers come with new needs and customise our services to fit yours.

Tell us of any requirements you have ahead of time, and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you. Our team is friendly, informed, and motivated to satisfy your needs.

Services to help you access and move your items

We’re used to storing a wide variety of unique goods with their own needs. For that reason, we have transportation and storage services that can help you access and move things much more conveniently. These services include drive-up units, forklift trucks on site, and delivery vans that we can use to move your items to wherever they need to go.
Whatever services you need, we provide a free quote so that you can work out the costs ahead of time.

Our business services

We offer a range of specific storage and space services for businesses, as well. This includes specific spaces for office storage, archival, and the dry, safe storage of a range of tools and materials. We work with a wide range of businesses, including retailers, plumbers, joiners, electricians, offices, market traders, and more. Tell us what your needs are and we can make sure that your business benefits from the bespoke options available from Easy Access Self Storage.

Easy Access Self Storage: The best storage near me

When you need self-storage, don’t delay. Easy Access Self Storage is the best you’re going to find, with a professional approach to service and a practical approach to storage space and security. Get in touch and we can help you address whatever your needs may be and provide the rooms and service suited to meet your demands.

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