The possibilities of what can be stored in a self-storage unit are endless, in fact it’s probably easier to answer what can NOT be stored!

  1. Anything perishable

That is things like food items or perishable goods that could go mouldy. Not only will it make for a pretty unpleasant trip to your unit, we want to avoid bugs and rats visiting us.

  1. Pets

Please make sure that when you store any pet/animal items you have removed all animals first!

  1. Flammables

That’s right you won’t be surprised to hear we don’t accept flammable materials in our storage units in Manchester or Stockport. We’re protecting everyone’s safety.

  1. Guns

Even if you hold a firearms licence in the UK, we’re sorry but you’re not permitted to store any guns, firearms or ammunition in our units.

  1. Cash

Money and cash should be kept safe in a financial institution, at home in a safe or a safe deposit box, and not a storage unit.

Apart from that we’re quite flexible on what you can store with us, of course if you’re unsure give us a call and we’ll give you plenty of advice.

Using a self-storage unit is so flexible and our customers use them for a multitude of reasons –

  • Moving home and packing up belongings in advance.
  • Student storage.
  • Lockups for machinery that can’t be kept in a van or at home.
  • Stockrooms
  • Converted into office space.

Contact us for help and advice.