Why use Easy Access Self Storage?

Many of us have too many belongings, we may need to declutter and organise our professional or personal space. We are all guilty of putting items in boxes and suitcases and moving them to other rooms around the home perhaps to our attic, garden shed or garage. Often forgetting that we stored them away and sometimes we forget about them all together – “Out of sight, out of mind”.

An increasing number of people use a self-storage unit as an extension of their personal or professional space. Renting an Easy Access Self Storage unit offers a secure and economical option for storing belongings from your home or office for accommodating surplus. Perhaps you are simply running out of space and need to decongest an existing living or workspace, shifting items that you don’t need every day but don’t want to lose it entirely. Compared to other options as renovating an existing building or the rental of additional rooms, renting a storage unit could be more financially viable and an economical alternative.

Here are some reasons, why you may wish to consider an Easy Access Self Storage Unit?

Renovating your existing home;

As the builders start knocking down walls and ripping down ceilings, to make more rooms or widen the current sitting room, your valued items, need to be stored away to protect them securely. Using a storage unit, they will be kept clean and dry, especially if it’s raining and you have no ceiling as the attic room is being installed.  There is nothing worse than soggy carpets and wet cushions, already in a cold and damp home. Your family heirlooms, loved furniture and fittings, all need to be secure and safely kept, until the renovations have been completed.  The storage unit acts as a safe temporary shelter for all your belongings. Once the building work has been completed, you can casually move your furniture, light fittings and ornaments back into your home, or leave them in the storage unit until you decide on your colour scheme or design plan of the rooms.

Moving to a new home;

Moving to a new house can be stressful at the best of times, it isn’t something that can be done within a day and often there are delays and holdups, which can create more stress than necessary. When such delays occur, your Easy Access  Self Storage Unit is an excellent fall-back option.  Having a storage unit to store all your furniture, light fittings, pictures and newly acquired ornaments, will be a godsend. As your items are stored securely, safely and in a clean and dry environment, having 24/7 access also means that when the house move is ready, you can move everything all together. The beauty of storing your items at Easy Access Self Storage, is that we can help source you a delivery van and driver, should you require someone to move the smaller items, we have a full access of a customer directory and so can also help you source a removal company should you need one.

Small Business needs;

Many small start ups require more space as they grow at a gradual rate, they may use the storage unit as a mini warehouse and use this newly acquired stockroom, as an item inventory, it may be used for storing excess packaging materials, tools, materials, supplies, finished products, shelving and display units. It is the perfect solution for online boutiques that stock limited supplies of items and perhaps work from a kitchen table from home, having somewhere to store their creativity allows them to be more organised and far more efficient.

In Transit;

Our Easy Access Self Storage Units are often used by frequent travellers, people who have immigrated or work on cruise ships or as holiday reps, these people have short term accommodation that changes monthly, which is often impractical for moving their belongings to different locations every month. It’s far easier to leave such items in a storage unit, until it is decided where they will stay for longer than a month.

Seasonal Basis;

You may hire a storage unit, to store items that you only use on a seasonal basis and need to store safely and securely for the rest of the year, like Christmas Tree Decorations, Ski wear and Ski equipment.

A safe place for equipment or vehicles

Our larger size units are perfect for storing equipment, machinery or vehicles, a Gardening Company may need to store gardening tools, lawn mowers, spades and fertilizer, prior to carrying out gardening work, having a huge space and a secure unit is a fundamental need for any business.

Whatever, your needs, we have got it covered;

  • We can offer you a wide range of unit sizes, from our smallest size of 25sq ft to a full-size warehouse size of 400sq ft, to fit your individual needs.
  • We can offer two variations of rental contracts- short or long-term contracts.
  • We recommend that you book an appointment consultation to come and see us to have a look at our units’ sizes before deciding on suitable facility.
  • We do have some restrictions with regards to our storage units, we cannot accommodate flammable materials, explosives or weapons.
  • All items must be insured from burglary, damage or fire, this can be purchased before you take out a storage unit or if you speak to us, we can sort this out for you at a cost directly. Many of our clients, asked us to sort this out for them directly as it was hassle free.
  • If you need any kind of storage- we can make it easy.
  • All our units are at ground level, perfect for driving in access to upload and unload.
  • 24 hours/7 days a week access
  • Clean, dry and secure
  • CCTV, fully alarmed, all storage units have a unique code for access.

We are your one stop shop for all your storage needs.

For that perfect storage solution, contact us today and book your free consultation, with a member of our family run business today.

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