“Creative people don’t have a mess; they have ideas lying around everywhere”-
Manchester Hat Designer NJ Wells

Manchester has been voted the second-best place to do business, especially within the Creative Medias’ such as The Arts, Animation, Fashion, Music and Media.

Remember the likes of The Stone Roses, Joy Division, The Happy Mondays, Factory Records, The Hacienda and Coronation Street. Fashion Labels such as Pretty Little Thing, Boo Hoo and Nasty Gal all online Women’s Shopping platforms, started from small acorns and have grown into oak trees worth millions.

Manchester is now classed as the second Media Hub after London, with the BBC and ITV studios, setting up their creative bases at Media City, Manchester.

Within the areas of Greater Manchester, there are many thriving digital agencies popping up in all areas, growing start-ups, up and coming tech services, all joining the ever-growing creative communities within Manchester.

We, here at Easy Access Self Storage pride ourselves in supporting those of you who are part of this ever-growing creative community. We know how important it is having a clean, dry and safe creative space to work in, especially if it is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, as we know creativity can happen at any time, which is why our studio spaces are available 24/7.

If you are an illustrator, photographer or a fashion designer, space is a fundamental element of your daily need. Many start-up businesses, self-employed photographers and freelance creatives, start often from their own space within their home, from the kitchen table through to a spare room, often having limited access around mealtimes and family.

Not the ideal start for a new business, but often finances and overheads are hard to manage, as a fledging designer. Especially if sales are slow and ever growing, many creative companies are just one person that do it all, that can be exhausting, time consuming and often lonely.

So imagine a place where you can work with no interruptions, no one asking if you can move from the table as it’s teatime, no one putting your products that were drying on a shelf, on the floor at a risk of getting stood on, as much space as you require, perhaps more space for creating a photography studio to take images of your products for your listings on your website, a table or desk space, where you can use it as a proper workshop and make your own creativeness.

At Easy Access Self Storage, we can cater for your creative needs, we offer an affordable creative studio space from 25sq ft to 400sq ft, priced within your budget, in the size that you feel you would need and can afford.

All studio spaces and workshops have code access, to allow access to your space at any time. We have units available in both Manchester and Stockport, these are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with free WIFI, to help you upload your products onto your website and insert your product descriptions on to the various selling platforms you use or just sending out emails or surfing the internet.

You have as much freedom as you want, you can come and go as you please, even if you are at your most creative after 7pm, your creative studio is always accessible. Your Space will come with an activated code, which is a unique code number just for you, ensuring full access and that your products, tools and materials are safe and secure at all times.

We know how important creative networking is and so we have created a meeting room for you to book out for those important meetings and a coffee area, where all our tenants can have a cuppa and brainstorm ideas with others within the premises, giving you time to get to know your neighbours, as you never know who you may meet and one day need.

This encourages project work and friendship for those of you who often just stare at 4 walls daily, to get out and meet others, on occasions we too will join you for a break.

Running a business, as a single owner, doing everything, can be extremely exhausting and hard work, to make your work a little easier, you can have a mailbox perfect for returns if you don’t have a physical shop. We collect your mail, can arrange collection, we also offer office support as in faxing orders and photocopying services.

Our studios and workshops are available on both a short term let, or long term let, all spaces are on ground level and are easy to access, to drive into should you need to drive in supplies and drop off.

So, you need to get creative, contact us today on 0161 431 5222

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