Rishi Sunak’s spring budget confirmed the long-awaited extension of the Stamp Duty holiday. Solicitors and conveyancers have been under huge pressure with a perfect storm of issues slowing the legal side of buying and selling a property. From slow moving mortgage lenders to delays in local authority searches hitting the stamp duty holiday milestone became increasingly difficult as the typical length of time to complete a transaction increased in recent months.

The great news is that confidence remains high in the market given the huge potential savings now available until the end of June.

At Easy Access Self Storage we help hundreds of home movers store their precious belongings. If you’ve never thought about using self storage when moving home before here are our top 3 reasons why you should.

  1. De-Clutter

We’ve all spent a lot of time at home over the last year, often accumulating more things. Indoor and outdoor toys to entertain the kids as well as a fully working home office. Our homes are more cluttered and full of things given the change in the way of life during the pandemic.

If you’re selling your home one of the main tips given is to de-clutter and create space so buyers can imagine living in your house.

Using a self storage unit means you’re able to pack away some lesser used items without getting rid of them. By packing away and clearing your home of these items you’re not only making your home feel more spacious and desirable you’re also doing some of the packing in advance.

  1. Ease of Moving

Moving home is a stressful time. If you have already packed away belongings that you don’t use frequently it will cut down on the time and stress of packing for moving day. If you think you use your belongings all the time think about seasonal items like the Christmas Tree and decorations.

It also means there is less to move on the day which could result in saving money. Maybe you’ll need a smaller removals van if you’re moving yourself. If you’re using a removals company then it might take them less time and therefore cost less.

  1. Garage / Shed

Clearing out your garage or shed if it’s full to the brim will make it easier for you to access items to keep your home looking smart for viewings. If you have to take everything out of the shed before you can get to the lawnmower you’re less likely to do it as frequently. Keeping your grass neatly cut and borders tidy creates a fantastic first impression.

A tidy garage or she shows potential buyers that you have valuable external space available. Fill it full of clutter and they might struggle to see how they can use it and what will fit.

Our fantastic and helpful team can assist you with any help and advice you need on using a storage unit when you’re moving home. Contact us today!