Not all businesses that use our self storage units are big commercial or trade business, although some are. Our space is flexible to accommodate any size of business and any type of business.

Perhaps you run a small business from your home and realised you’ve outgrown your space or that the equipment is dangerous and should be kept in a secure unit, especially if you have children and pets at home.

Maybe you’ve looked at commercial premises and been shocked at the costs and lengthy tie-ins. Business self storage could be the perfect answer for you.

  1. Only Take What You Need

Self storage units at Easy Access Self Storage come in all sizes so we can accommodate you and your business irrespective of how big or small you are. You only need to take the space you need making it very cost effective.

  1. Increase as Your Business Grows

As your business grows you may need more space, this is no problem, we can move you to a bigger unit as and when you need. This means you won’t be looking for new commercial premises and a huge upheaval.

There are many ways our business customers use our storage units but all have the advantage of a number of benefits:

  • State of the art security. We pride ourselves on our security systems to protect the precious belongings of our customers. Including perimeter fencing, CCTV, fully alarmed, floodlit and personal PIN code entry.
  • Receiving and dispatch services.
  • Free WiFi.
  • Mailbox
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Coffee and tea area.

Examples of some of our business customers include:

  • Online Sellers

Running an online shop is often done from home but leaves the problem of where you keep your stock.

  • Gardeners and Landscapers

Bulky, large and dangerous equipment that is also expensive needs to be kept safe, secure and dry.

  • Heating Engineers

Keep all of your equipment in a secure location that is quickly and easily accessible. No more keeping your expensive equipment in your van overnight.

  • Creative

We have a number of our self storage units set up as studios. These include musician, photographers, artists and designers.

If you need advice on how a storage unit can benefit your business speak to our professional and friendly team today who can provide you a no obligation quote and advise on space that would be suitable for you.

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