Many people who work in a creative industry are freelance or own much of their own kit. Often this kit is kept at home and an area set up as a working space, but is this really a good use of space?

Benefits of Working From/Keeping Kit at Home

  1. The most obvious benefit is cost. If all your kit is at home and you have a workspace set-up then there are few additional costs. Apart from utilities.
  2. Everything is close to hand when you need it. As a freelancer you might work long or peculiar hours having everything in your home can be convenient.

Benefits of Renting Studio Space

  1. Many freelancers or creative industry workers own expensive kit, having it stored in your home can mean it is more likely to be damaged. If you have kids or pets accidental damage could be done to either kit or work.
  2. If your space at home is limited it’s likely your things will need to be packed away and stored after each use. This is frustrating and time consuming. Setting up a studio means you can organise it to suit your needs with no need to pack away when you’ve done for the day.
  3. It helps your productivity. If every time you start to work you need to unpack and get organised it not only adds extra time but can prevent you getting in the right creative mindset. If your productivity increases your work volume will increase too.
  4. It helps you focus. Working in an uncluttered environment helps you to focus and get more done. There are less distractions and more motivation and inspiration.
  5. Free your imagination and develop more creative ideas. When you’re in the right mindset with no distractions you can focus on the task at hand.
  6. A better work-life balance can be found. It can be difficult to switch off from work if you are constantly surrounded by it. You might find yourself constantly dipping into work when you should be relaxing or spending time with friends and family. Or maybe your work suffers because of home life distractions.
  7. If any of your kit could be damaging to health keeping it away from the home is a great idea, especially if you have children or pets.

Even the short journey to your studio space can be used wisely. Listening to music or motivational podcasts can set you up for the day.

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