Whether you’re making a move from one home to the next, need extra storage space for your business, or something else entirely, Easy Access provides some of the best self storage in Manchester from our Trafford Park facilities. Here are just some of the benefits of partnering up with us.

All kinds of storage options

We’ve helped a wide range of both personal and commercial clients find the perfect solution for cheap storage in Manchester. We offer personal storage, storage for students, business storage, and even storage options for vehicles, caravans and boats. We deal with a wide range of clients with a very diverse set of needs. As such, we’re certain to have a storage solution that will work for yours, as well. Don’t hesitate to tell us the details of what you need to store and for how long so we can find the perfect option.

Keep your work or home environment clutter and hazard free

Whether it’s your home, an overstuffed garage, or an office space, clutter can become a significant problem. If it was all just trash, it might be easy to get rid of. But when it comes to assets that you want, but you simply don’t have the space for right now, or assets that could be worth some money, that’s not as applicable an option. Our storage units in Manchester offer the solution that you need, giving you access to the space you need to declutter your space, reduce the risks of slips, trips, and falls, not to mention fire hazards, and to keep hold of all your possessions.

The perfect place to help you get through a transition

Many of our clients make good use of our self storage units when they’re going through a major change and new a place to hold their stuff until they’re ready to take it back. This can include things like:


  • Moving home
  • Moving to college
  • Moving offices
  • Renovating or redesigning the home
  • Winter storage for weather sensitive items
  • Storage for valuable assets while traveling

You can rent out a storage unit for as little or as long as you need, so however big or little a transition you’re going through, we can help.

Access the space you need whenever you need

Whenever you partner with Easy Access Self Storage, we do what we can to live up to the name. You have freedom to visit your storage unit whenever you need. It doesn’t matter what time of day or what day of the week, if you’re able to come visit our Trafford Park facilities, you’re able to visit your own storage unit, whether it’s simply to check that everything is in good condition or take or store items.

A secure place for all your possessions

Naturally, we approach the question of security with utmost seriousness. As such, we have a whole range of premium security features that make us worth placing your trust in. Our premises are alarmed and floodlit, fitted with motion detectors and CCTV, so that we know everyone and anyone who visits. Furthermore, you are provided with a unique pin code generated for every new client, so that you can gain access to your storage unit without setting off those intruder alarms. The code is unique to you, not the storage unit, so you don’t need to worry that its past user will still have access.

Keep your items safe and protected

Besides being secure against unauthorised access, you also want to know that your goods are in an environment sealed from conditions that could be potentially risky to your assets. Our storage units are controlled for temperature and for humidity, two of the greatest causes of environmental damage. These climate-controlled units will protect your goods from issues like condensation. If you have any other needs when it comes to the kind of environment your items need to be in, please don’t hesitate to ask if we can help.

Convenient and accessible for all

Our Trafford Park self storage in Manchester is highly accessible, just a quick turn off the M60, so it’s never too much of a hassle to visit and pick up or drop off your items. As mentioned, you can access your storage unit whenever you need to. Furthermore, we have transportation available on premises, with flexible drive-up units, forklift trucks, and delivery vans all available, so if you need to move your items, we’re here to help, no matter what they might happen to be.

You could get 4 weeks of storage completely free

When it comes to cheap storage in Manchester, we aim to make our services perfect for all budgets without compromising on quality, security, and safety. As such, we’re eager to beat comparable quotes by 10% for the first eight weeks, including matching better offers of insurance. Overall, we offer up to 50% off your storage costs for 8 weeks, which practically means 4 weeks of free storage compared to our usual rates. You’ll have a hard time finding a deal like that anywhere else, we can assure you of that.

We value our loyal customers

Whether you only need our storage services for a short time or you’re a regular client of Easy Access Self Storage, we always prioritise honesty, integrity, friendliness, politeness and commitment. They are the defining principles of how we do business. However, we also recognise the important of loyalty. If you like our services, then we are incredibly grateful for any friends, family or associates that you are willing to refer to us. In fact, we offer rewards for referrals, and we give more if you recommend us to more people. The reputation and word-of-mouth we have earned has allowed us to grow, so we’re always glad to show thanks.

Whatever your need, we have the storage units in Manchester perfectly suited to meet them. We ensure the quality, security, and convenience of affordable storage that you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Easy Access Self Storage and we’ll be glad to find the perfect arrangement for your needs.

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