Easy Access is Proud to be Supporting the Bearly Loved Charity.

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Bearly Loved is a local charity we were only too happy to help. After they received a recent donation of 10,500 teddy bears, storing them was proving to be a challenge. Luckily, Easy Access Self Storage were on hand to donate a storage room to house the bears before they start their journeys across the globe.


Bearly Loved was founded in 2013 by Andrea Lea, after recognising how extremely comforting a teddy bear had been for her own daughter during a very difficult start to life. With many hospital stays and treatments her daughter’s furry friend quickly became irreplaceable, and still is ten years later!

“What if we could provide every child with a forever friend?” was the question that set Bearly Loved in motion. Not only do we aim to give the gift of love through a teddy bear but also empower the child who is sending the bear, teaching them that a small act of kindness can and does change the life of another child, showing them just how valuable they truly are.

With over 3000 bears sent to various destinations around the world, and over 6,000 children being positively impacted, this is just the beginning!

Please visit the Bearly Loved website here for more information.






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