There are many reasons why someone might use a self storage unit that is not in their immediate location.

  1. Relocating

    If you are moving home and relocating there will be a big logistical effort needed to move smoothly. If you cannot move all of your belongings due to distance or other factors a self storage unit close to your new home could be the ideal solution. If you are making a few visits over the weeks and months prior to relocating you could pack a few boxes at a time and put them into storage in advance. This will certainly cut the volume of things you need to move in one go and make moving some of the more tricky larger items easier on moving day.

  2. Location

    You want to be able to get to your storage unit easily by ensuring it has great access times and is in a convenient location. All of our branches have 24/7 access via personal PIN and are conveniently located off the M60 motorway.

  3. National Business

    If you are running a national business but have regional hubs and/or delivery offices regional self storage could be perfect for you. Your business location might not be in the northwest but if it has a need to operate in the area it’s a sensible choice.

  4. A self storage hub is a perfect choice if you are running a national sales operation and your reps need to visit clients with samples and products. Storing them in self storage allows reps to access them quickly and simply and get on the road as soon as possible.